TurkishGlass Once Again Has the Honor of Representing the Turkish Glass Industry at the ZAK World of Façades UK Conference
TurkishGlass successfully participated in the ZAK World of Façades UK Conference in London on November 8, 2023 for the fourth time. At the conference, sustainable innovations in the construction industry and facade design were showcased, and the latest technological solutions were presented by leading solution providers.

TurkishGlass presented its cutting-edge architectural glass solutions in its dedicated exhibition booth at this prestigious event. TurkishGlass also had the opportunity to spotlight its unique landmark projects, located in vastly different geographical regions of the world. The TurkishGlass booth received significant attention from conference attendees.

The ZAK World of Façades UK Conference brought together a distinguished assembly of architects, designers, builders and industry professionals from around the world, to focus on the latest trends and innovations in façade design and construction.
As TurkishGlass, we are honored to have been a part of this prestigious event where we highlighted our commitment to being the “Solution Partner for the Most Demanding Projects Today and Tomorrow.”
The Turkish glass sector carried out all of these projects with a focus on reducing carbon footprint through advanced technologies, eco-friendly materials, and sustainable products.
TurkishGlass continues to shape the future of the glass industry by adding value to the environment and peoples' lives with its advanced glass solutions.
We extend our gratitude to all the participants who visited our exhibition area and explored the future of architectural glass solutions with TurkishGlass.

About TurkishGlass
TurkishGlass is the association representing the glass manufacturers, glass processors, and glass exporters of Turkey. The primary product groups in TurkishGlass are “flat glass”, “glassware” and “glass packaging”. The main aim of TurkishGlass is to add value to the environment and human life while shaping the future with its wide range of products and services that make life easier. Having all these capabilities, Turkey exports glass products to 175 countries all over the world.