TurkishGlass is the association representing the glass manufacturers, glass processors and glass exporters in Turkey. Main product groups in TurkishGlass are; flat glass, glassware and glass packaging.
Equal in age nearly to that of civilization itself, glass-making is one of the most ancient and advanced sector in world history. With the foundation of the Republic of Turkey, Turkish glass industry has grown day by day and reached a new and brilliant stage.
Today, new glass-based products and applications are used in architecture, construction, automotive, energy generation, distribution and storage, passive and active coatings, smart/hygienic glass packaging, interactive glass household appliances, medicine, biology, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and anti-radiation products, and anywhere else our imagination takes us. In all its numerous applications, glass enables further innovation and enhances people’s life and the environment.
Turkish glass sector provides almost all of the production inputs domestically, capital and energy intensive as well as high capacity and meets all domestic demand.
Turkey is one of the top global producer of glass with its huge production capacity, high quality and experience and prestigious projects all over the world.
The main aim of the TurkishGlass is to increase the image and awareness of TurkishGlass all over the world. Also adding value to the environment while shaping the future with its wide range of products and services that make life easier.
TurkishGlass means
  • High Quality and Experience
  • Exporting to 175 Countries
  • Prestigious Projects all over the World