TurkishGlass: Solution Partner for The Most Demanding Projects participated in ZAK World of Façades United Kingdom Underscoring Its Powerful Glass Production Ecosystem
ZAK World of Façades UK, an international conference series on façade design engineering, was held in London on 3 November 2022 with the participance of more than 400 façade consultants, façade contractors, architects and engineers.

 TurkishGlass attended the conference with a stand and informed the visitors about the Turkish Glass industry and how TurkishGlass is adding value to global projects with advanced and customized glass solutions, high production capacity and a glass production ecosystem that works in harmony. The most sophisticated and demanding global projects
completed by TurkishGlass were shared with attendees.


 London Commercial Counselor Abdurrahman Deniz visited TurkishGlass’ stand and gave information about the expectations of the British construction industry.


 The most important topic emphasized in the presentations at the conference was the calculation and reduction of carbon emissions generated during the construction of buildingsand production of construction materials.